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Introducing a simple, elegant and easy way to keep track of rows in a knitting pattern.

You know that thing that happens – working on the toe of a sock (increasing or decreasing every other row) or a sweater (remember to increase every 12th row!) and you set your knitting down for a minute and it turns into a 3 day pause?

Later:  did you check off that last row on the paper pattern? Did you hit the clicker button on the counter?   Can you look at the previous rows, maybe do a bit of math and squint to figure out where the heck you are.  Not so easy sometimes.

KnitLinx is here as a gentle helper!

They stay on your needles, so they are always with you. No more relying on pencil and paper or clickers or worrying about dead batteries!


Slide the green ring of one of the chains onto your knitting needle a couple stitches in from the end.  Or position it so that it is also acting as a stitch marker in the appropriate place (e.g. marking a border).

Ready?  Green means you’re on Row 1.  So if it’s an increase row or any other pattern, knit happily along.  When you get back to the green ring, slide the tip of your right needle into the next ring (purple), letting the green ring dangle.  Now you’re on Row 2. You can set your knitting down indefinitely, and when you pick it up, the purple ring on the needle will tell you that you’re on Row 2.  See how handy?

Your set of KnitLinx comes in three different lengths.  The 2-ring links are great for 2-row repeats. The 4-row is, obviously, for 3- or 4-row repeats.  Same idea with the 6.

But, you can attach them together too!  Make an 8-row, a 10-row or a 12-row chain.  Want even more? Just attach a cute pin, hook or marker to the clasp to indicate that you’ve completed the chain and you’re starting the next repeat.

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