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Frequently asked questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Please contact us for shipping details.

What do the colors mean?

Green is always at the beginning of each KnitLinx. Green for GO, green for new beginnings, green for nurturing, green for healing, green for emeralds, green for just all sorts of reasons. Pick your favorite!

We like the vibrant, jewel tones for the rings and consulted with a color specialist for the most appealing, colorful arrangement.

The rings are color-coded, so depending on how you choose to assign the colors, green will always be Row 1, violet will be Row 2, etc. This makes it easy to see at a glance which row you’re on.

How do you use the clasp at the end?

You can use it to link the different lengths together. Or attach other pins, markers, etc to the end to indicate you’ve completed a certain number of rows.

Where do you attach KnitLinx to your knitting?

Place it on your knitting needle, fairly close to the beginning of the row or round. You can position it so that it also acts as a stitch marker; for example, marking the position of a 4-stitch border on a blanket.

What size needle will fit the small?

The small KnitLinx will fit needles up to size 8 US.

What size needle will fit the large?

The large KnitLinx will fit needles size 9-13 US.

Do I need more than one set if I have multiple projects going at the same time?

Yes, since the set includes three different lengths of KnitLinx, you could use one on three separate projects.

You can also switch out the KnitLinx on a project for some other marker and record which row you’re currently on (which color ring) before removing it.